The presentation of the books from the series “South Azerbaijani Folklore" was held

The presentation of the books from the series “South Azerbaijani Folklore" was held

02 Mai 2024, 12:25 / Conferences, assemblies

On the 1st of May the presentation ceremony of the books from the series “South Azerbaijani Folklore” published by the decision of the Scientific Council of the ANAS Folklore Institute, was held in the club “Natavan” of the Azerbaijan Writers’ Union (AUW). The event was opened by Sayman Aruz, head of the South Azerbaijan branch of the Azerbaijan Writers’ Union. He noted that the folklore environment of South Azerbaijan is distinguished by its rich oral heritage, being an integral part of Azerbaijani culture.

In the field of collection, research and promotion of this heritage, the Department of Folklore of South Azerbaijan of the Folklore Institute of ANAS provides invaluable services. These books presented today are the clear example of it. Then the word was given to the head of the South Azerbaijan Folklore Department of ANAS Folklore Institute, Doctor of Science Matanat Abbasova. She said in her speech that although the culture of Azerbaijan developed in two different places - North and South political-geographic space, the people preserved the integrity of national-spiritual thought and thinking. Despite being in different socio-political conditions, Azerbaijani folklore has reflected the all-Turkish ethnocultural peculiarity in all periods. The event was continued by under the leadership of the employee of South Azerbaijan folklore department, PhD. Giymat Maharramli.

At the presentation ceremony, the Southern intellectual, writer, publicist Agshin Agkamarli, Eynulla Madatli, Professor Shahin Fazil, journalist, researcher Nazir Ahmadli, Professor Minakhanim Tekleli, well-known announcer Eldost Bayramov, PhD Laman Vagifgizi (Suleymanova) and PhD Atesh Ahmadli, poet, translator Giya Pachkhatashvili, ashiq Jahangir Guliyev and others spoke and shared their opinions about the mentioned books.