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Elchin Galiboglu spoke about the cult of “horse” in Turkish mythological thought

22.06.2022 Continuation

The Turkish scientist visited the Institute of Folklore

21.06.2022 Continuation

Scientific conference on the theme “Women ashiqs and poets of Karabakh” was held at the Institute of Folklore

21.06.2022 Continuation

Turkish scientists visited the Institute of Folklore

14.06.2022 Continuation

III Karabakh conference Modern Studies in Social and Humanitarian Sciences was held

11.06.2022 Continuation

The scientists of the Institute of Folklore took part in the “Ahmad Yasavi symposium”

03.06.2022 Continuation

The meeting of the Scientific Council was held at the Institute of Folklore

02.06.2022 Continuation

Elchin Galiboglu spoke at the 5th International Hamza Nigari Symposium dedicated to the “Year of Shusha”

27.05.2022 Continuation

Our employee was a guest of the “Word Pattern” program of the Azerbaijan radio

27.05.2022 Continuation

“Gorgud” Folklore Ensemble participated in the V International Kharibulbul festival in Shusha

19.05.2022 Continuation

Elchin Galiboglu made a report in the UNESCO Kirshehir International Music Conference in Turkey

18.05.2022 Continuation

Doctoral exams were held at the Institute of Folklore ANAS

17.05.2022 Continuation

International scientific conference on the theme “Ashiq art and written literature” dedicated to the memory of Ashiq Shamshir and Samad Vurgun was held

14.05.2022 Continuation

The article by Giymat Maharramli was published in the journal
“Kultur Evreni”

12.05.2022 Continuation

The event “Yunus Emre ashigleri”

07.05.2022 Continuation

“Epos nights” was held by Public Union “Folklorists”

02.05.2022 Continuation

General Director of the Institute of Folklore Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov took part in the exhibition of scientific achievements of the Academy

29.04.2022 Continuation

The scientific conference on the theme “The place and role of pedagogy and psychology in the formation of the teacher's personality in the conditions of globalization”

29.04.2022 Continuation

The artistic director of the “Gorgud” folk ensemble was awarded the “Progress” Medal

28.04.2022 Continuation

Academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov participated in the webinar in connection with Armenian fraud

24.04.2022 Continuation

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