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Assistant director

The assistant director due to the scientific works of the Institute is doctor of philosophy on philology Oruj Sohrab oglu Aliyev. O.S.Aliyev is one of the famous folklorists who is busy either in collecting, catalogizing, classifying and designing, or investigating the collected materials on the conseptual investigating branch on the light of modern scientific-theoretical thinking. If we add the third point to these two direction activities, it means the scientific-organizing activity, then his services in modern Azerbaijan folklore-study can be seen.

Oruj Sohrab oglu Aliyev was born on the 10th of November in 1949 in the village of Khanliglar in Gazakh region. He finished the school in 1967, but in 1974 he graduated from the faculty of philology at Azerbaijan State University. During 1981-1984 years he studied post-graduate course at the institute of Literature named after Nizami ANAS, in 1988 he defended the thesis “Idea-artistic characters of Azerbaijan magic tales” and became the candidate of sciences on philology. O.S.Aliyev has also finished the thesis “Poetics of Azerbaijani tales”. The scientist is a designer and publisher of about ten books, he is also an author of monographies called “Kitabi-Dede Gorgud” and Azerbaijan folklore”, “Poetics of Azerbaijani tales” and more than fifty scientific articles. His investigations about tales in many directions which have the leading position due to either the idea-content or volume-form peculiarities of Azerbaijan oral folk literature, one can say that they are the works which definite the investigations about this branch and determine strategical scientific directions of these investigations.

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