The 71st edition of the journal “Dede Gorgud” was published

The 71st edition of the journal “Dede Gorgud”, published by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS, contains interesting researches as always. In this issue of the journal, which was published four times a year under the editorship of Dede Gorgud department, Doctor of Philology Ramazan Gafarli, the materials were collected in six parts. The articles such as “Myth in the epos “The Book of Dede Gorgud” and Azerbaijani-Turkish ethnic-cultural reality” by R.Gafarli, “Psychoanalytic semantics of Beyrek’s adolescence period in the context of the motif “draw a bow” by PhD S.Garayev in the part of “Gorgud-study: searches, discoveries” have been published. “The role of folklore in the identification of hidden social groups in the digital stage” by PhD H.Guliyev, “Mourning traditions in Karabakh” by PhD S. Abbasli, “Tongue-twisters in the folklore of Azerbaijan and Anatolia” by PhD M.Mammadova, “Classification problems of holidays” by PhD Shakir Albaliyev, “Jafar Jabbarli: search for truth that takes power from the spirit of the folk” by PhD E.Galiboglu and others have been published in the part of “Folklore-study: problems, researches” of the journal.
Samples of Avar folklore and “Samples of folklore of Turkic peoples” from the epos “Sayat and Hamra” and the article titled “Turkmen epics: “Sayat and Hamra” by Almaz Hasangizi have been published in the part “Azerbaijani folklore examples” of the journal. One can see information about the books such as “Being able to laugh is heroism” (10001 anecdotes by Twenty three Nasreddin. Baku, Ganun publishing, 2020, 544 p. Translated by Vilayat Guliyev) and “Intellectual contribution to Karabakh” by PhD M.Mammadov (Gubadli region: ethnography, folklore, language examples. Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2020, 392 p.) in the part “New publications: presentation and reviews” of the journal.
In the part “Our losses” of the journal PhD Tahir Orujov has written memories about Professor Kamran Imran oglu Aliyev (1953-2020) and Ramiz Karam oglu Alakbarov (1961-2020).

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