IV International Novruz Scientific Research Conference

On the 18th of March IV International Novruz Scientific Research Conference was held in online format jointly organized by the Institute of Economic Development and Social Studies (IKSAD) with the Institute of Folklore of ANAS. Opening the conference, which started its work after the national anthems of Azerbaijan and Turkey, as well as the melody “Karabakh shikasta”, the chairman of IKSAD Mustafa Latif Emek congratulated all participants on Novruz holiday and wished them success in their work. Then, the honorary chairman of the conference, director of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS, academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov spoke about Novruz traditions in Azerbaijan, its place in folk culture and the national leader H. Aliyev’s role in the official status as a national holiday.

The academician mentioned that Turkey has always been with Azerbaijan on the difficult and pleasant days. Following the victory with the moral support of the Turkish people, the revival movement for the reconstruction of Karabakh began. The essence of the Novruz holiday is the gradual elimination of the old and the establishment of a new one. We want to rebuild and create our Karabakh, which was destroyed by Armenian vandals. Opening our aims to Turkey and all brotherly states and peoples in this direction, we wish to be together with them in the movement of culture, education and economic revival. In this regard, apart from the scientific value of the conference attended by more than 200 speakers from more than 10 countries, it has a political, social and international significance. At the end of his academic speech, he thanked everyone who worked in the organization of the conference and wished success to the conference participants.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the conference, head of the Department of “Dede Gorgud” of the Institute of Folklore ANAS, Professor Ramazan Gafarli spoke about the historical and mythological roots of Novruz holiday and its universal essence as a cultural event. The scientist described Novruz as a holiday of peace, equality, friendship and brotherhood. Then, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference on Turkey, Professor of Nigde Halisdemir University Mustafa Talas made a speech. Professor said that this year we meet the Novruz holiday with the victory of Karabakh. He expressed his gratitude to those who contributed to this victory, martyrs, veterans, as well as everyone who fought for the promise in the whole Turkic world and wished success to the work of the conference.

Nejati Demir, chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference on Turkey, Professor of Gazi University congratulated the participants on the anniversary of the Chanakkale victory and thanked everyone who contributed to the freedom of the motherland. The scientist called Novruz a common holiday of the whole Turkic world and noted that it was celebrated by the Jews, Christians, Muslims, as well as the shamanist Turks.

The chairman of the Scientific Committee on Azerbaijan, dean of the Faculty of Philology of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, professor Mahira Huseynova said that our strength in all fields should stand for science, there should be no development and promotion in the absence of science. Noting that Novruz is a holiday of innovation, beauty, awakening and revival, she expressed her confidence that the cities and villages of Karabakh would be more beautiful than ever before.

Then, the head of the Institute of Strategic Thinking of Turkey, retired Major-general, associate professor Guray Alpar made a speech and expressed hope that this conference organized by IKSAD would lead to excellent results and guide the Turkish science world to new paths.
The two-day conference continued with 218 lectures in 23 sections. It should be noted that various scientists and intellectuals from such countries as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Australia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Romania, the United States, Russia, India and China participated in the conference.


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