The event on the theme “The role of women in scientific-cultural and socio-political life” was held at the Institute of Folklore

On the 4th of March the event on the theme “The role of women in scientific-cultural and socio-political life” was held at the Institute of Folklore. The event which was held on the occasion of the International Women’s Day on March 8, was organized jointly by the Council of Young Scientists and Trade Union of the Institute of Folklore. Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute PhD. Nail Gurbanov greeted the meeting of participants and said that the Azerbaijani woman plays an active role in today’s scientific and cultural life, as well as in the public and political life of Azerbaijan. Our women work shoulder to shoulder with men in all spheres of society. At the end of his speech, the chairman of the Council of Young Scientists sincerely congratulated all women on behalf of the director of the Institute, academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov and wished them long life, good health and success in their work.
Then the chairman of the Trade Union organization of the Institute, PhD, associate professor Tahir Orujov said that there was no area of society in the history of civilization so that women could not function there successfully. However, at certain stages of history, depending on social attitudes, the role of a woman in society has also been different. The development of the women’s movement, the transformation of women into a great power in society coincided with the second half of the 20th century. Throughout history, the Azerbaijani woman was chosen with her intelligence, wisdom, loyalty and heroism. At the end of his speech T.Orujov congratulated all the women’s staff of the Institute on the upcoming day heartily and wished them success in their future work and family happiness.
Then the chairman of the Women’s Organization of the Institute PhD., associate professor Maleyka Mammadova thanked the speakers for congratulating them and said that the educated mother could become a better child for the society. She brought to attention that in our society, mainly in the sphere of education women were preferred and on behalf of the organization she expressed her deep gratitude to the management of the Institute and the organizers of the event.
PhD., associate professor Nigar Hasanova and Nigar Imamaliyeva also made reports and expressed the achievements of all women of the Institute and wished them successes.

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