Academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov was the guest of Benguturk channel of Turkey

On the 28th of January in 2021 the director of the Institute of Folklore of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov and the leading researcher of the Institute PhD, associate professor Sonmez Abbasli were guests of the program “Tarihe Not Dushenler” which was broadcast on the Turkish channel Benguturk. During the two-hour broadcast on the theme of Karabakh folklore, the activity directions of the Institute of Folklore, the multiculturalism of Karabakh and Southern Azerbaijan folklore published in recent years, the “Gorgud” ensemble operating under the Institute, as well as Turkey-Azerbaijan relations were discussed.
The scientist noted that the main goal of the Institute is to study the oral cultural heritage, including folk literature and to reveal its lines that infiltrate today’s culture, today’s thought, including the thought of statehood. Academician mentioned that one of the most valuable treasures we lost when more than 20% of our lands were occupied was our folklore.

M.Kazimoglu-Imanov noted that when the population was driven out of the occupied territories and scattered to different regions of the country, that cultural partnership and folklore partnership were destroyed. He also informed about the great struggle of the Institute of Folklore to save the cultural values under threat of loss, to restore the national idea, in particular, the implementation of important projects in the direction of collection and study of folklore of our occupied regions during 2012-2015.
Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov mentioned that the spiritual presence of the people in Karabakh is one of the most important lines that bring today’s war, today’s struggle and today’s glorious victory. Academician noted that one of the greatest resources in the formation of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1918-1920 was literature for struggle, as the founders of the Republic said, “freedom was gained not by bayonets, but by literature and culture”.
Academician noted that the Karabakh War was a victory with Turkey and the Turkish people. The leading researcher of the Institute, PhD, associate professor Sonmez Abbasli spoke about the genre features and ceremonial traditions of Karabakh folklore. The music samples performed by “Gorgud” ensemble, as well as photos taken from various events of the Institute were also demonstrated.

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