Memorial event on January 20 tragedy held at the Institute of Folklore

On the 19th of January an online event dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the January 20 tragedy was held at the Institute of Folklore of ANAS. First of all, the memory of the martyrs of the 20 January, the First Karabakh War and the Native Land War was commemorated with a minute of silence.

Opening the event, director of the Institute of Folklore, academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov gave detailed information about the causes of the tragedy and the bloody horrors committed on January 20. He noted that that bloody event stemmed from the desire of the Soviet empire to inflict a blow on the struggle of our people for the territorial integrity and independence of Azerbaijan.
In his speech the academician connected National Freedom, the struggle for the territorial integrity of the country against the peaceful population, the murder of hundreds of innocent people with the criminal essence of the totalitarian Soviet regime.

M.Imanov mentioned that the tragedy of January 20 is not only a nationwide sorrow, but also an event that demonstrates the will of the Azerbaijani people. Later Mukhtar Imanov asked PhD, associate professor Elchin Galiboglu to speak about the tragedies of the Azerbaijani people. He noted that, no matter how tragic the Bloody January massacre of 1990 was, it could not break the will of the Azerbaijani people, the determination to fight for national freedom and that epochal event played a decisive role in the formation of the national identity of Azerbaijan. The speaker noted that if the tragedy happened to a strong nation, it could not collapse, if it happened to a weak nation, it would destroy it from the inside and destroy it. The course showed that despite the tragedies that have occurred from time to time, we are a spiritually strong and inseparable nation.

Director of the Department of Education of the Institute of Folklore Doctor of Philology Nizami Muradoglu mentioned that January 20 was not only a day of sorrow, but also a day of heroism, inflexibility and dignity. He noted that the road to independence began exactly on January 20. At the end of his speech Nizami Muradoglu told a piece of his new poem.

Then the head of the section “Relations with foreign countries” of the Folklore Institute Ali Shamil and PhD, associate professor Nail Gurbanov described the 20 January incident as one of the most serious crimes committed against humanity, as well as one of the bright pages of the glorious history of Azerbaijan and the foundations of the road to independence.

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