Scientific Council was held at the Institute of Folklore

On the 9th of December the online meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Folklore was held. Director of the Institute, academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov greeted the representatives of the meeting. He noted that the main issue on the agenda was the report on the scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the Institute of Folklore in 2020. Then the scientific secretary of the Institute, PhD, associate professor Elchin Abbasov gave information. The report was about the decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers and implementation of state programs. E.Abbasov noted that in 2020, the Institute of Folklore carried out active work on the implementation of decrees and orders of President Ilham Aliyev, as well as state programs. In connection with the implementation of “the state program for the years 2016-2020 on the implementation of the National Strategy for the development of Information Society in the Republic of Azerbaijan” on the website of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS in 2020 (www.folklor.az) constantly updated materials on scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the enterprise were published in two languages (Azerbaijani and English).
On the site of the Institute the PDF of the latest publications of the Institute (books and magazines, conference materials, reports) is also embedded. Facebook profile of the Institute https://www.facebook.com/ameafoklor.institutu.) and Page (https://www.facebook.com/amea.folkor/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel) operated. In addition, https://www.youtube.com the “Institute of Folklore” page has started its activity. New videos and links related to Azerbaijani folklore are posted on the internet.

In the field of implementation of the “Azerbaijan 2020 – vision for the future” development concept the Institute worked effectively in accordance with the provisions on the protection and promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The work in the field of collection, systematization, protection and publication of Azerbaijani folklore and, in general, samples of Intangible Cultural Heritage have been continued. Materials from the regions were collected, systematized and handed over to the archive.
It was noted that academician Mukhtar Imanov was the organizer and moderator of the conferences on the theme “Heydar Aliyev and language policy” which was held at Azerbaijan University of languages on the 8th of May this year and dedicated to the national leader Heydar Aliyev’s 97th anniversary and on the 19th of June, 2020 on the theme “Abdurrahim Bey Hagverdiyev-150. From folklore to written literature: laughter and sorrow”.
It was approved by the order of the President of the country dated April 9, 2013 and then the activities related to the implementation of the “development program of ANAS for 2020-2025” were brought to the attention. In accordance with the provisions of the program, research on the folklore resources of the ideology of Azerbaijanism was continued at the Institute. It was noted that the second volume of the collection of scientific research “Literature and art: national identity and spiritual wealth” was published in this direction (Baku, Elm ve tehsil, 2020, 284 p.).

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