Online presentation of the book “The first martyr village” by Elchin Ismayil

On the 4th of December the online presentation of the book “The first martyr village” by Elchin Ismayil was at the Gazakh branch of BSU. Arif Rustamov, Director of the Gazakh branch of BSU, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, opened the event in the format of a video conference in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. First of all, A. Rustamov congratulated the participants on the victory of the victorious army of Azerbaijan. Then a minute of silence was kept in memory of our heroes who died during the “Patriotic War”.

The director of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS, academician Mukhtar (Kazimoglu) Imanov made a speech at the presentation of the book held in the round table format. Looking at the history in the book the academician noted that the author skillfully spoke about the genocides committed by the Armenian Dashnaks in Baganis Ayrim during 1918-1920 and the inhumane methods of torture. He mentioned that Elchin Ismayil skillfully conveyed the massacre in the village of Baganis Ayrim to readers in detail, based on facts filtered from the memory of witnesses, archival documents and photographs. M.Imanov said that for this reason the book was distinguished from other books written on these topics by such features.

New materials were added to the book “The first martyr village” published with the support of the Executive Power of Gazakh region. The author informed the participants of the new book that after this bloody incident, Armenian bandits occupied 6 more villages of Gazakh - Kheyrimli, Yukhari Askipara, Ashagi Askipara, Sofulu, Badkhudarli, Gizil Hajili.
Speaking at the event, senior researcher of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS, PhD, Associate Professor Ilhama Gasabova mentioned that such books play an important role in the growth of the young generation in the spirit of patriotism.
Then the witnesses of these bloody events Anvar Asgarov, Majid Ahmadov and Gayib Jivishov spoke in detail about the horrors of the massacre in the village of Baganis Ayrim at the presentation.

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