Acculturation and folklore in Azerbaijani culture

The book “Acculturation and folklore in Azerbaijani culture” by PhD, associate professor Sarkhan Khaveri was published. In the book it is said about the typological features of acculturation (the strategy of choice of the national culture in the situation of continuous contact with foreign culture) and folklore relations in the national culture system. In the different levels of Azerbaijani national culture, especially in the last two hundred years, the Western culture at various stages of changing the ethno-integrative functionality of folklore in these processes, their role in the formation of various cultural patterns, etc. brought to the center of attention. The author put forward such an idea that in order to determine the exact model of Azerbaijani culture as an ethnic-cultural system on all parameters (genealogical, historical, cultural, sociological, ideological, even theological), it is necessary to focus specifically on its points of contact with other cultural systems. Because the ethno-cultural characteristics of any culture, which stipulate the system integrity and this integrity (the quality of certainty of the cultural system) are more evident in the points of active contact with foreign cultures than in the ordinary case.
In the book the scientific problems such as “Azerbaijan folklore as a functional structural system: cultural-typological context”, “Azerbaijan national culture as a cultural system”, “Acculturation and ethno-integrative functionality of folklore in Azerbaijan cultural space”, “The fateful cultural situations of national history and folklore” were studied. Taking into account the fact that folklore reaffirms the integrity of the national cultural system in cultural situations through functional rules, a number of studies on the functional semantics of different types of texts of folk culture have also been included in the book.

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