The online conference was held by academician Mukhtar Imanov

On the 22nd of May the online conference entitled “Republic Day” was held at the initiative of the Faculty of Philology of Azerbaijan University of Languages, organized by the Departments of Azerbaijani literature and Azerbaijani linguistics. The conference was opened by the director of the Institute of Folklore ANAS, the Head of the Department of Azerbaijani literature of Azerbaijan University of Languages, academician Mukhtar Imanov. He noted that Republic of Azerbaijan was not a state built on religious, but on the worldly foundations. One of the most important issues in the political course of the Republic of Azerbaijan was the issue of national culture. Mammad Emin Rasulzade said: “Freedom and independence are achieved not through bayonets, but through literature and art”. The leaders of the Republic tried to create all conditions for the development of culture, both content and form. The establishment of the national library, national museum, national theatre and national educational institutions in Baku are typical historical facts that tell about the main signs of the Republic’s culture, science and education policy. The leaders of the Republic combining the secular values with national values in statehood, also took into account this linear culture and carried out important works that left a mark in history in this direction.

The proclamation of 2018 as the Year of the Republic by the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the implementation of various events in the country and around the world on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic show once again that the study of the Republic’s heritage is one of the factors.
Professor of the Department of Azerbaijani linguistics, Adil Babayev spoke about the work done during the 23 months of the Republic of Azerbaijan and also gave a brief overview of the events in the field of science and culture.
At the conference some reports by the students such as “Republic Day in Azerbaijan” by Rovshana Laman, “Die erste demokratische Republik in der muslimischen Welt” by Sevinj Mammadova, “History of Azerbaijani Republic Day” by Samra Novruzova, “Hier et aujord’hui de la Rèpublique d’Azerbaïdjan” by Ulviya Efendi, “History of Republic Day” by Leyla Mammadyarova, “Bandera escudo eterno” by Sanan Jabbarli were made in different foreign languages.
Then the online conference was continued with the discussions of the report.

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