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The online seminar “Folk ceremonies: tradition and current conditions” was held by the department “Ceremony folklore” Institute of Folklore ANAS

On the 15th of May in 2020 the next the online seminar “Folk ceremonies: tradition and current conditions” was held by the department “Ceremony folklore” Institute of Folklore ANAS.
At the seminar with deep gratitude and appreciation it was noted that the important steps were taken, decisions and measures were taken under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev in order to prevent the spread of the disease in the pandemic. As a result of timely decisions of the President, Azerbaijan is recovering from this dangerous epidemic with minimal losses. The role of serious social isolation measures in obtaining this result is enormous.

It was noted that the postponement of all kinds of events of the mass meeting played an important role in the fight against the disease. The importance of regulating the adaptation of folk ceremonies to the current conditions in such meetings was emphasized. It was noted that according to the decisions and instructions of the president of the country, which considers public health as the most important issue, the postponement or execution of ceremonies within a limited framework was important to reduce the spreading. The celebration of rituals in a limited framework and in accordance with the proposed rules of virus protection should be in force for a long time. In the reports made at the seminar the existing conditions were analyzed in the context of national tradition. It was mentioned that in our national traditions and ceremonies there was an event of postponement of weddings and festivities. It can be not only related to the dangerous situation, but also to other events.
At present the funeral ritual of the mourning ceremony is carried out with a limited number of participants. At the seminar the importance of long-term validity of the restraining order was noted. It was stressed the importance of keeping attention to the high incidence of disease in ceremonies.

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