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The conference devoted to the theoretical - methodological study of Mullah Nasraddin’s anecdotes was held

On the 27th of November Central Scientific Library of ANAS hosted for a republican scientific conference on the theme “Mullah Nasraddin’s Anecdotes: modern scientific approaches and experience of national folklore-study” organized by the Institute of Folklore. The book “Mullah Nasraddin traveling all over the world” was presented as well.
Opening the conference, academic secretary of the Division of Humanities of ANAS academician Teymur Karimli mentioned that Mullah Nasraddin’s anecdotes were differ of its laconic and philosophical depth in folklore.
Then, director of the Folklore Institute, academician Mukhtar Imanov spoke about the scientific and practical importance of the conference. He said that the modern theoretical-methodological aspect of Mullah Nasraddin’s anecdotes was one of the priority scientific directions of the institute. Director added that the cooperation between the scientific enterprise and SOCAR in the field of researches was very interesting. The works carried out as a result of this cooperation, published books and articles were brought to the attention.

At the conference, SOCAR General Director Ramin Isayev said that close cooperation was established between the organization and Institute of Folklore, which were reflected in specific scientific publications, books and articles. He noted that anecdotes of Mullah Nasraddin in two volumes, a number of articles published in international scientific journals included in reputable bases, as well as mollanasraddin.az portal are an obvious example of cooperation.
Later, the senior researcher of the Institute of Folklore, author of the book Mullah Nasraddin traveling all over the world” Gumru Shahriyar gave detailed information about the publication.
At the end, a wide exchange of views and discussions were held on the issues of analysis of Mullah Nasreddin’s anecdotes from theoretical and methodological aspects.

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