The book “Hamid Arasli’s folklore heritage” has been published

The book “Hamid Arasli’s folklore heritage” by Ph.D. Vusal Safiyeva is dedicated to Hamid Arasli’s (1909-1983) folklore heritage who was one of the famous figures of Azerbaijan science. The investigation of the folklore heritage of the scientist who has told his thoughts in all aspects of Azerbaijan literary criticism is very important from the point of view of the development of interest to national values.
The book consists of the introduction, three parts, the conclusion and the list of used literature.
In the Introduction the actuality of the investigation is based on, the object, aim and duties of the investigation are definited, the scientific innovations, methods and sources, the practical and theoretical importance of the investigation are spoken about, the information about the structure of the investigation is given.
The first part of the book called “The investigation of historical and theoretical problems of Azerbaijan folklore” consists of two chapters and Hamid Arasli’s place in the history of investigation of Azerbaijan folklore, the problems of ashug poetry and eposes are analyzied in the scientific heritage of the scientist.
In the second part of the book called “The problem of the relationship and the relations of the written and oral folk literature” the problems in the scientific literature and the theoretical views of the prominent scientist in this regard are investigated.
In the third chapter of the book called “The preparation of folklore examples and literary works for publication and the issues of their comments” Hamid Arasli’s textual activity is looked through, the reviewed preparations for the edition of the eposes “The Book of Dede Gorgud” and “Koroglu” and the prominent scientist’s comments to them are analyzied.
The book ends with the conclusion and the list of the used literatures.

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