The seminar on the theme “Internet Folklore: Folkloric Dynamics in the Context of Virtual Socio-Cultural Conditions”

The scientific seminar on the theme “Internet folklore: folklore dynamics in the context of virtual socio-cultural conditions” was held by the Scientific secretary of the Presidium of ANAS, Ph.D on philology Hikmat Guliyev, organized by the Institute of Folklore.
The event organized by employees of the Institute of Folklore, held at the Central Scientific Library of ANAS, gathered teachers and students of higher education institutions of the republic, as well as media representatives participated to the event.

Opening the seminar, Doctor of Philology Seyfeddin Rzasoy said that in recent years the internet has become a part of our lives and folklore science has also been revived and developed. The conflicts in the Middle East today have been flared up through social networks and therefore it is crucial to research Internet folklore, he added.
S. Rzazoy also underlined the importance of active participation of Azerbaijani scientists in the processes of world folklore and touched on the importance of regularly presenting the achievements to the international community.

Then H. Guliyev’s report was heard. He first talked about the importance of the problem discussed for folklore science. He noted that traditional folklore transformations on urbanization, industrialization, modernization and globalization, as well as its adaptation to new social conditions and conditions in the presence of digital technologies have put fundamental questions ahead of the world folklore.
In his speech H.Guliyev mentioned that after the emergence of the Internet's interactive communication capabilities, that is, the emergence of "web 2.0" technology, virtual environment has created enormous opportunities for faster and more actualization of folklore processes.

Later, the reporter noted the importance of paying attention to the folklore patterns in the three major directions - the archived, as well as the real social environment, including the virtual-communicative process. According to him, these samples are based on modern theoretical-methodological approaches, taking into account their specific nature, because they are based on a completely new reality in terms of their form, content, ideas and concepts.
The scientist underlined that at present, extensive studies are being conducted in all three directions in the world folklore.

Speaking about the relevance of Internet folklore in the context of virtual socio-cultural conditions and the context of folklore dynamics, H. Guliyev said that, in fact, the formation, transmission and perception of folklore are directly related to social conditions. The study of social conditions opens wide opportunities for a more in-depth analysis of the meaning, functional and dynamic semantics of the folklore, the goals it is focusing on, the collective curiosity and opinions, the philosophical and ideological concepts. Particularly, at present, when social and cultural processes occur in the virtual environment at the expense of digital technological means, social media, forums and websites, social activity, where social activity is influenced by folklore processes, where human activities are recorded, behaviors and ideas are shared, investigation of conditions and folklore dynamics is undoubtedly one of the priorities of Internet folklore research.

H. Guliyev then demonstrated some examples of Internet folklore.
Then Hikmat Guliyev answered the questions of folklore scholars on the scientific problem.

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