The international conference “Let live the forgotten words: “Divani Lugat-it Turk” was held

On the 14th of September the international conference “Let live forgotten words: “Divani Lugat-it Turk” was held by organizing ANAS Institute of Literature after Nizami, Institute of Folklore and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Turkey. Opening the conference, ANAS Vice President, academician Isa Habibbayli said that, the event was devoted to the problem of reintroducing the words forgotten in the development of Azerbaijani and Turkic languages. The work of Mahmud Kashgari “Divani Lugat-it Turk” is a treasure of culture, and here the vastness and variety of words of the eleventh century are revealed, there are interesting records about human and social life, as well as about our material and spiritual culture of that time.

I.Habibbayli said that, the work was the first dictionary of the Turkic language, an anthology, an encyclopedia, and consisted of 7500 words to ensure the spread of the language. In its structure, the book is supposedly a dictionary, here proverbs, proverbs, verses are given. The dictionary uses a comparative method, which explains the phonetic and grammatical laws, as well as the etymology of words. Also, M.Kashgari first discovered the functioning of the Law of Harmony in the Turkic language. The dictionary plays an important role in studying the historical development of Turkic languages, the lexicography of history, and the development of comparative grammar. The academician noted the importance of developing and enriching the language in society.

Then, the director of the Institute of Folklore, academician Mukhtar Imanov said that, folklore, dialect, and ancient written monuments written in our language play an important role in enriching the language at the expense of internal resources. In this respect, the works of Mahmud Kashgari, written in the 11th century are of great value as a language encyclopedia, a dialectological dictionary of Turkic languages and a fund of Turkic literary texts.
Speaking at the conference, the head of the project of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Salma Koseoglu, head of the department of the Hacettepe University, Professor Ozkul Chobanoglu, head of the department of the Ankara University, Professor Uschler Bulduk shared their thoughts and expressed confidence about the effectiveness of future joint scientific work.
The conference continued its work in the framework of meetings in various sections.

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