The book “The mythological structure of Gazan khan character in Oghuz epic tradition” has been published

The book “The mythological structure of Gazan khan character in Oghuz epic tradition” by the leading scientific worker of ANAS Institute of Folklore, Ph.D. Atif Islamzade has been published. This monography consists of introduction, two parts, conclusion and the list of used literature. The work has been indexed to read it according to the scientific-mass in details, the anthroponims, ethnonims, toponims and other important information have been shown at the end of the book. In the introduction of the book the actuality of the subject, the object, the aim, duties, the investigating level of the problem, the scientific innovation, the theoretical-methodological principles, the theoretical-applied importance are determined.
In the first part called “The functional status of Gazan khan character in Oghuz epic tradition” in the examples of artistic-historical-mangaba (mangaba is the legend describing the life style and behaviour of the religious people) which includes in to Oghuz epic tradition the status of khan is studied, “Khan oyunju” as an indicator of khan status including in the literary-descriptive, epic-mythological context the semantical levels of attributes are presented to the social science. Substantiated these attributes not as the ordinary words, but being the mythological models create the need of approaching each attribute seperately in basing the complex. Because these attributes can project the status of “khan” of Gazan khan in whole form. At the same time these words playing as a code key in the text sum up different activities of Gazan khan character in Oghuz epic tradition. Looking at the text from the different points to come to the attributes of “khan oyunju” is necessity. That is why it is necessary to investigate these attributes systematically. Organizing the base just these attributes characterise the character Gazan khan as a character.
In the monography at the same time being marked as an archaic specification of zoo-mythological, anthropo-mythological and social-mythological models in confidential layers, but to find character accordung to the meaning and idea in a great level are based on the concrete examples.
In the second part called “The mythological structure of Gazan khan” is investigated in the ritual-mythological level, it is noted that the second part has worked as a result of the first part, the ritual models renewed from the texts characterizing mythological structure of Gazan khan character on the base of different models have been given to the use of social science.
In the part “Conclusion” of the investigation the scientific conclusions and total thesis are generalized and in order to full fill the new investigations the perspective directions of the subject are determined.

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