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The scientific conference on the theme “Repression and Folklore” was held at the Institute of Folklore ANAS

The Institute of Folklore of ANAS organized the scientific conference on the theme “Repression and Folklore” dedicated to the memory of folklore scholars who died in the 1937 repression. The director of the institute, academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov spoke about the essence and purpose of the conference. The conference was organized not only to commemorate suffer of scientists in history, politics and science, but also to highlight their work. In his speech the academician said: “The folklorists of that period were prominent scientists who laid the foundations of our folklore science and Hanafi Zeynalli, Salman Mumtaz, Hummat Alizade, Vali Khuluflu, Yusuf Vazir Chamanzaminli and others were among those scholars”.

At the conference Ph.D. Rza Khalilov the head of the department “Classical folklore” at the Institute of Folklore made a report on the theme “Bahlul Behcet’s folklore activity during the repressions”.
Professor of the Department of History of Azerbaijan Literature of Baku State University Yegana Ismayilova made a lecture on the theme “The epos “Dede Gorgud” and the contemporary Azerbaijani literature in the context of the Stalinization repression”. She emphasized that, the epos “Dede Gorgud” was contrary to the ideology of the Soviet empire. Emin Abid had written a series of articles about Dede Gorgud since 1926 and played a major role in the creation of interest in epos in researchers, writers and poets in Azerbaijan.

Then head of the department “International Relations” of Folklore Institute, Ali Shamil’s report on the theme “The Causes of Folklore Repression” and Professor Jalal Mammadov's “Repression of National Ethnic Values” were also heard.
At the conference the chairman of the department “Folklore and written literature”, corresponding member of ANAS Kamran Aliyev, professor Fuzuli Bayat, Ph.D. Nizami Muradoglu and others also spoke on the same theme.
At the end of the meeting questions were answered and the academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov thanked the representatives of the conference and wished them the further continuation in that branch.

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