“Folk games and square performances in Islamic geography and Azerbaijan” International Symposium held

   ANAS Institute of Literature with the organizational support of the Institute Folklore hosted “Folk games and square performances in Islamic geography and Azerbaijan” International Symposium on 15 July 2016.

    At the conference, Vice-President of ANAS, director of Institute of Literature after Nizami, Academician Isa Habibbeyli noted that, the event is dedicated to increasing interest to the forthcoming IV Islamic Games of solidarity in our country in 2017, but also added that, the scientific attention is directed to the culture of games in the Islamic the world and the role of culture in the relations between states and peoples.

   Referring to the order of AR President Ilham Aliyev “On establishment of the National Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization”, from 14 January 2016, Academician I.Habibbeyli told on the inclusion in composition of the commission of a number of eminent scientists of the republic, as well as the implementation by the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences all research activities carried out in our country.

   Vice-President of ANAS, noted that the conference will be discussed various aspects of the traditional culture, ceremonial folklore, games and performances of the peoples living in this territory.

   Then, acting director of Folklore Institute, the corresponding member of ANAS Mukhtar Imanov noted that, the event will be held in Azerbaijan in accordance with the Decree of AR President “On the IV Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku in 2017” dated September 18, 2015. The main purpose of the organization of the conference is to find common values in the culture, vulgar performances and folk games of the Islamic world.

   M.Imanov spoke about the general games, their mythological nature, ritual roots of folk games, clothing and characters Azerbaijani culture games, square performances, as well as various areas of national games.

   At the event, director of the Institute of Architecture and Art, corresponding member of ANAS Ertegin Salamzade informed about the position and the role of art in culture and folk games of ancient Turkic peoples and Azerbaijan.

   It was noted that, part of the theatrical art in Azerbaijan is based on the performances of area, and the other part - the object descriptions of the various types of art. He added that, in the same way as in other spheres of culture, Islamic culture has created conditions for the formation of common values in the culture of gaming. The Clash with the existing games in Azerbaijan in many other countries in the area of Islamic relations is an important indicator.

   Head of the Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Fikrat Babayev told about the importance of restoring, protection and bringing up to future generations of endangered species of folk games and square plays and stressed the importance of expanding ties in this direction with a number of institutions of ANAS and ministries.

   At the event following papers were presented “Functional structure of the popular games”, “Dolls and masks in the folk game performances” and others. Further the conference continued its work in seven sections.

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