The book called “The semantically structure and paradigms of the old wise man archetype” by Ph.D. Hikmat Guliyev has been published

    The editor-in chief of the book is the director of the Folklore Institute, the correspondent member of the ANAS Mukhtar Kazimoglu, the reviewers of the book are Doctor of Sciences Seyfeddin Rzasoy, Doctor of Sciences Khatira Bashirli and Ph.D Etibar Talibli.

    The first part of the book called “The semantical structure of the Wise old man archetype” consists of four parts. In these parts the idea of archetype, the applied practice of archetypes in psychological and philological researches, the results and conclusions about the subject put foward by different scientists are explained. At the same time the theoretical-methodological basis of the archetype “the wise old man”, its various levels and paradigms are investigated from the fundamental aspects and based on the concrete text facts.

   The second part of the book called “The cultural hero paradigms of the Wise old man archetype” consists of three chapters. These chapters are dedicated to the characters Dede Gorgud, dervish (mystic) and sayyid which are the cultural hero paradigms of the the archetype “Wise old man”. It was definited that notifing the beginning of the man, the creating father semantics these characters personifing the semantics of wisdom and leadership become topical in transition situations. That is why the double-qualities show themselves in the nature of that characters.

   But the third part of the book “The trickster paradigm of the Wise old man archetype” consists of four chapters. Here the paradigm trickster is investigated on the base of the character Mullah Nasraddin. In this part the problem was studied as in the laugh phenomena context, it was also definited that the semanthems of wisdom and foolishness are embodied in the nature of the common character. It was cleared up that the character Mullah Nasraddin belongs to the tricksteric point combining the confrontations such as senility and youthfulness, wisdom and stupidity, bravery and cowardice, heroism and anti-heroism, becoming mullah and becoming anti-mullah and etc. In the conclusion the scientific results and conclusions got during the investigation are summarized.

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