Scientific session devoted to the 90th anniversary of 1st Turkology Congress

    On the 10th of June the main building of ANAS hosted a scientific session devoted to the “Visible and invisible sides of the 1st Turkology Congress”.

    Vice-President Academician   Isa Habibbeyli   spoke about historical importance of the 1st Turkology Congress, which was held in Baku.

    It was noted that, congress, running from February 26 until March 6 in Baku , has played an exceptional role in the cultural life of Turkic peoples including Azerbaijan . Lasting for 8 days and being one of the magnificent events of era, this congress discussed common vital issues. The congress, which was held in our country for the first time among Turkic-speaking peoples, was attended by an extended delegation from Turkey , Hungary , Tatarstan , Germany and other countries including Azerbaijan . Here, literature, history, folklore, ethnography and other issues were featured as a consistent parts of Turkological view. Meanwhile, several decisions, having an important role in development of Turkic peoples, were made at the congress. 1st Turkology Congress is of great historical event in terms of cultural integration of Turkic peoples, and formation of national moral unity.

    Academician I. Habibbeyli highly appreciated President Ilham Aliyev's Order on celebrating the 90th jubilee of the 1st Turkology Congress dated February 18, 2016 and stated that, the 90th jubilee of the Congress will be celebrated at the state level and several measures are taken in this respect.

    Director of Institute of Folklore , corresponding member of ANAS Mukhtar Kazimoglu noted that, the 1st Turkology Congress of the Turkic peoples of the XX century is considered one of the most significant events that took place in the cultural life.

    Attenders to the event such renowned scientist, educator and cultural leader as Vasily Bartold, Fuad Kopruluzadeh, Ali bey Huseynzadeh, Gula Mesaros, Nikolai Poppe, Nicholas Ashmarin, Sergei Oldenburg, Sergey Malov, Alexander Miller, Theodore Menzel, Alexander Samoylovıc, Aqafangel Krımski evidences grandeur and the authority.

    It was noted that, 1st Turkology Congress has played a vital role in formation of theoretic-scientific basis of cultural-moral unity of the Turkic peoples and in adoption Azerbaijan as a center of science-culture of the Turkic World, including the issues arising there have affected further cultural life of the Turkic peoples.

    At the event were listened lectures on following topics: “Some aspects of the Turkological Congress”, “A participant of the 1st Turkological Congress – Jafar Jabbarli”, “Folklore issues at the 1st Turkological Congress”, “Alphabet and term problems of minorities at the 1st Turkological Congress”, “A participant from Altay Nikolai Katanov at the 1st Turkological Congress and problem of Turkish Republic of Siberia” etc.

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