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(On the 15 th -16 th of July in 2016)

The information about the symposium

As in other branches in science, education, culture and sport traditions branches Azerbaijan nation divides some common values with other Muslim countries. Spreading of some folk games such as “Chovkan”, “Padshah”, “Ashig-ashig”, “Pahlavan”, “Jidir” and etc. in other Islamic countries is the indicator of those common cultural values. That is why according to the order given on the 18 th of September in 2015 by the President of Azerbaijan Republic to celebrate the 4 th Islam Solidarity Games in Baku in 2017 is intended. In such situation the investigation of the port traditions, the traditional folk games and square performances in Islamic geography, studying the similarities and differences in this branch, carrying out the influence sphere of Azerbaijan games culture attains the special importance according to the scientific or the social-cultural view.

The Islamic geography combines three continents – Asia, Europe and Africa and it also surrounds the great area from China to Africa and from The Middle Asia to the Balkans. In the area of this geography there are rich traditional culture examples belonging to different nations and forming the synthesis with one another. In the line of such culture examples there are special places and roles of games and performances created by nations living in this geography.

The games and performances examples existing in Islamic geography and Azerbaijan immortalize the outlook, traditions and customs of the ancient periods. In globalizing and modernization periods many of these culture examples have been stayed away from the processes of performance, but some of them have met with the danger of being forgotten. The restoration of the cultural values of the nations of the Islamic geography, including the folk games and square performances, the protection and delivering to the future generations without loss are the actual problems of intensifying the activity of the science and culture organizations in this direction, combining the specialists of the game culture.

The International Symposium held together with the ANAS Institutes of Literature and Folklore will surround the Islamic geography according to its participants and themes, the problems such as the traditional culture, ceremonial folklore, the different aspects of games and performances, the actual problems will be discussed.

One of the main purposes of the Symposium investigating the new aspects of traditional culture resources existing in Islamic geography and Azerbaijan is to draw into the important work as the social harmony, solidarity and spiritual unity.




Academician Isa HABIBBAYLI (Director at the Institute of Literature named after Nizami ANAS)

The correspondent member of ANAS Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov (Director at the Institute of Folklore ANAS )

The scientific staff:

Academician Teymur Karimli (ANAS the Section of Humanitarian Sciences, academician-secretary)

The correspondent member of ANAS Nargiz Akhundova (ANAS the Section of Social Sciences, academician-secretary)

Academician Rafael Huseynov (Director of National Azerbaijan Literature Museum ANAS)

The correspondent member of ANAS Govhar Bakhshaliyeva (Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies ANAS )

The correspondent member of ANAS Yagub Mahmudov ( Director of the Institute of History ANAS )

The correspondent member of ANAS Mohsun Nagisoylu (Director of the Institute of Linguistics ANAS )

The correspondent member of ANAS Ertegin Salamzade (Director of the Institute of Architecture and Art ANAS)

Doctor on History Sciences Maisa Rahimova (Director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography ANAS)

Doctor on Philosophy Ilham Mammadzade (Director of the Institute Philosophy and Law)

Doctor on Philology, Professor Maharram Gasimli (assistant director of the Institute of Literature ANAS )

Doctor on Philology, Professor Mammad Aliyev (assistant director of the Institute of Literature ANAS )

Doctor on Philology, Professor Gazanfar Pashayev (senior scientific worker of the Institute of Literature ANAS )

Doctor on Philology, Professor Kamran Aliyev (chairman at the Institute of Folklore ANAS )

Doctor on Philology, Professor Fuzuli Bayat (chairman at the Institute of Folklore ANAS )

Doctor on Philology, Associate Professor Afzaladdin Asgar (chairman at the Institute of Folklore ANAS )

Ph.D. Associate Professor Agaverdi Khalil (chairman at the Institute of Folklore ANAS )

Ph.D. Associate Professor Ilkin Rustamzade (chairman at the Institute of Folklore ANAS )

Ph.D. Associate Professor Aziz Alakbarli (chief of the section at the Institute of Folklore ANAS )


Ph.D. Associate Professor Afag Khurramgizi (ANAS Institute of Folklore)

Mehman Hasanli (ANAS Institute of Literature)


•  The roots of folk games in Islamic geography and Azerbaijan , their signs in the written monuments and the place in the traditional culture;

•  The similar games and their description in Islamic geography;

•  Folk games and square performances in the context of the dialogue of different cultures;

•  The actual problems of ceremony folklore in Islamic countries;

•  The typology of game personages;

•  The reconstruction problems of archaic game examples;

•  The comparative analysis of existing game examples;

•  The relation of folk games and square performances with the different art branches;

•  The cloth elements and their symbols in folk games and square performances;

•  Relation of folk games with the dances;

•  The problem of word texts in folk games;

•  The problem of music in folk games and performances;

•  The modern position and problems of child games;

•  The social-cultural processes in the modern society and folk games;

•  Creation of electron resources of folk games.


Deadline for Abstract Submission: May 30, 2016.

Notification of Accepted Papers: June 15, 2016.

Date of the Symposium: the 15 th -16 th July, 2016.

Writing forms of the reports:

The paper mustn't be more than 15 pages.

The paper must be in the Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian or English languages.

The title must be in Times New Roman, 14 Pt , bold, in the middle.

The name and the surname of the author must be in Times New Roman, 12 Pt , normal, in the middle.

The scientific degree must be note in Times New Roman, 11 Pt , in the middle.

E-mail address in Times New Roman, 10 Pt , for example: ANAS Institute of Folklore, section of Foreign relations, BAKU , ……@.....


Summary must be written in Times New Roman, 11 Pt , with paragraph, about 200-300 words.

Key words: 8-12 words


Times New Roman, 11 Pt , paragraph ( 1,25 cm )

•  chapters

Times New Roman, 11 Pt , paragraph ( 1,25 cm ), sources must be shown.



Used literatures must be written in the style of APA.

For example: Shamil, A. (2010). Uygur, Gagauz, The folklore and literature of West Caucasus Turks. Baku : NURLAN.

Summaries must be sent with the application form till the 30 th of May 2016.

E-mail: oyunvetamasalar@gmail.com


Name, surname


Scientific degree


Work place






Telephone number (with country code)


Home address (with the post code)


Country, city     


Title of the thesis


Key words









Travel, flight and hotel costs of the participants who will join to the symposium with a paper belong to themselves, but the meal expenses will be covered by the Organization Committee.


Address: AZ1001, Icharishahar, the 8 th Kichik Gala street, 31. Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Institute of Folklore

ANAS Institute of Literature: (+99412) 537-08-59  

ANAS Institute of Folklore:   (+99412) 492 93 14

Fax: (+99412) 492-93-14

E-mail: oyunvetamasalar@gmail.com

Internet site: www.folklorinstitutu.com

The opening meeting of the Symposium will be held at the Conference Hall of ANAS Central Scientific Library, H.Javid Avenue 129, Baku city.

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