20 January martyrs have been remembered at the Institute of Folklore

    On the 19 th of January the memorial meeting dedicated to 20 January martyrs was held in ANAS Institute of Folklore. The dear memory of martyrs was called with a silence. Opening the meeting with his speech the director of the Institute, the correspondent member of ANAS Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov said that to celebrate such kinds of days was to return to the history, to think over and over, to study the lesson of the history. “Though we were not the martyrs of those days, but we are the witnesses. I remember that night very well. Being the witness the human can't estimate the events. The years passed, later we understand that those events were not chance phenomenon”. In his speech the scientist told about M.Gorbachov's wrong policy, the discord among the nations and other problems. Then he added that in those years Azerbaijan nation suffered very much: “One of the pretexts of 20 January tragedy was the range of nation movement in Azerbaijan . And Gorbachov used that range. As if there was a very great army armed to the teeth. But the tragedy done to our nation didn't scare us. During those tragically days our nation was really solidary. 20 January tragedy showed the culture of struggle, grief, stress and joint of our nation”.

    Then PhD Agaverdi Khalil continued the meeting with his speech: “On the 20 th January the army of empire inflicted reprisals to the civil population. The leadership of Soviet government made crime during that period. But that terrible tragedy strengthened our national solidarity. The chain of the empire broke on the 20 th January. It was broken by the volition of our nation.”

    PhD. Adil Jamil also spoke about the events done at that night, he continued his speech with the part of the poem “Gan borju” (Blood debt) written by himself.

    PhD. Nizami Muradoglu also shared his thoughts about that tragedy and read the new elegy written by him lately.

    At the end M.Kazimoglu-Imanov ended the meeting.

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