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The Scientific Council was held at the Institute of Folklore ANAS

    On the 25 th of November the Scientific Council was held at the Institute of Folklore ANAS . Informing about the problems in the diary of the Council the chairman of the Scientific Council, the corresponding member of ANAS Mukhtar Kazimoglu – Imanov began the meeting. He gave the information about the 1 st Scientific Conference on the theme “Folklore and State system” and announced the diary of the conference.

    The assistant of director on the scientific works of the Institute Ph.D. Oruj Aliyev gave the information about the scientific-organization activity for 2015 and the scientific-investigation plans for 2016, he added that the mentioned problems had been discussed with the scientific secretary of the Institute Ph.D. Elchin Abbasov and the chairmen of the departments. 23 of 47 themes on 4 problems determined for 2015 year had been completed. The comprehensive information about it will be given next meeting of the Scientific Council.

    About the results of the admission to doctoral studies of the Institute of Folklore the scientific secretary Ph.D. Elchin Abbasov gave the information. He spoke about the admission of the documents by Ph.D. S.Abbasli, Ph.D. V.Ibrahimova, A.Hajiyeva. Their themes were discussed and accepted.

    According to the created tradition of the Scientific Council of the Institute the report on the theme “The rhyme in the poem “The Book of Dede Gorgud” by Doctor of Sciences on Philology, Professor Tarlan Guliyev was listened with great interest. T.Guliyev answered many questions given by the members of the Scientific Council.

    At the end the present-day problems (about giving the scientific names such as “professor” and “assistant of professor” to the corresponding member of ANAS, Doctor of Sciences on Philology Mukhtar Imanov, Doctor of Sciences on Philology Fuzili Bayat, Ph.D. Nizami Mammadov and Ph.D. Fidan Gasimova) were discussed.

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