Scientific Session on the theme “Aziza Jafarzade-100” was held at the Institute of Folklore

On the 30th of December 2021, the scientific session on the theme “Aziza Jafarzade-100” was held at the Institute of Folklore ANAS. The session, which was held online over the Zoom platform, was opened by the General Director of the Institute, academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov. During his speech the academician drew attention to the literary heritage of the prominent writer, folklorist scientist Aziza Jafarzade, who had a special weight in Azerbaijani literature of the 20th century, touched on the pedagogic activity of the national spirit writer and literary critic, as well as characterized her as a creative person connected with art. Recalling the valuable articles about our folklore the academician brought to the attention of the participants of the session that themes about mother and woman occupy the main place in A.Jafarzade’s scientific and artistic activity.

After the introductory speech the of the academician the reports such as “Aziza Jafarzade and folklore” by PhD Gulsumkhanim Hasilova, “Mythological meaning of hairstyles in Turkic women (based on the play “Hun mountain”) by Professor Almaz Hasangizi, “Folklore images in “My mother’s fairy tales” by PhD, associate professor Elchin Abbasov, “Women ashigs in Aziza Jafarzade’s researches” by associate professor Agaverdi Khalil, “Perception of Turkic statehood in “Baku-1501” by Aziza Jafarzade” by PhD, associate professor Atif Islamzade, “Our writer with genre syncretism in style, fairy-tale sweetness” by PhD, associate professor Shakir Albaliyev, “Aziza Jafarzade as a folklore compiler” by PhD, associate professor Sakina Gaybaliyeva were made.
At the end of the scientific session Turan Ibrahimov, the heir of People’s writer Aziza Jafarzade, demonstrated her belongings in the writer’s house, her library and new publications about her activity through a video clip. T.Ibrahimov expressed his deep gratitude to the organizers and all speakers for remembering Aziza Jafarzade.

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