International science, culture and education conference on the theme “Ashiq Alasgar ─ 200: Turkish saz, traditions of speech and folk art”

On the 9th of December the Institute of Economic Development and Social Studies of Turkey (IKSAD) and the Institute of Folklore ANAS jointly organized the International Science, Culture and Education conference on the theme “Ashiq Alasgar ─ 200: Turkish saz, word and folk art traditions”. The conference, organized online on the Zoom platform, was opened by the director of the Institute of Folklore, academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov. He recalled that numerous events were held at the international and national levels in connection with the 200th anniversary of Ashiq Alasgar and spoke about the scientific, cultural and political significance of these events. The academician mentioned that Ashiq Alasgar was not only a symbol and one of the highest peaks of the Azerbaijani folk culture, but also the Turkic folk culture as a whole. Reminding that Ashiq Alasgar was a great master in the tradition, the academician said that the most important and native aspect of this great master was his extreme commitment to the tradition in terms of language, style, ideology, training, religious worldview and his artistic individuality.

Then the head of the department of Dede Gorgud of the Institute of Folklore, Doctor of Science in Philology Ramazan Gafarli spoke about ashug poetry. The scientist noted that, along with his extraordinary talent as a folk composer and poet, as well as a skilful saz performer and singer-performer, his deep intelligence, observation ability, sharp memory and most importantly his love for the ancient art of ozan-ashug, his knowledge of the traditions of the province played a great role in the formation of Ashiq Alasgar.

Head of the department of Mythology of the Institute of Folklore, Professor Seyfaddin Rzasoy called Ashiq Alasgar a great value during his speech. He said that in the history of every nation, folk, ethnos there are persons concentrating all the culture of that nation and turning their personality and creativity into the passport and symbol of the nation, Ashiq Alasgar was one of them. The speaker brought to the attention of the participants of the conference that Ashiq Alasgar played a great role in raising our language, artistic thinking and aestheticism as a symbol of absolutism.
After the opening ceremony the conference continued its work with about 30 speakers in four sections. At the end the speakers were given certificates and memory photos were taken.

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