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International Symposium of Altai Communities

On the 27th-30th of September in the city of Bursa of Turkey Bursa-Osmangazi municipality hosted the 9th International Altai communities Symposium was held. The symposium previously held in Bishkek, Istanbul, Seoul, Antalya, Ulaanbaatar and Bishkek-Isikkol, societies and altaiist-scientists who are the expression of the values of culture and humanity of Altai communities, bringing together this symposium Japan, Hungary, Spain, Mongolia, Central Asian Republics, Russia, as well as countries such as Azerbaijan attended.
Leading researcher of the department of Folklore and written literature of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS, PhD, associate professor Aynur Ibrahimova took part in the scientific staff of the symposium and made a report on “Female characters in the series of epos “Goroglu” – “Koroghlu”. During the report Aynur Ibrahimova spoke about typological differences in the mythological semantics of female characters in Azerbaijani and Uzbek variants and their function in the epos, as well as the function of female characters in the development of the plot line of the epos.

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