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The article was published in Impact Factor Journal

Senior researcher of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS, PhD. Elchin Galiboglu’s scientific article “Azerbaijanian Novruz and national values” was published in the impact factor journal (Oriental Renaissance: innovative, educational, natural and Social Sciences; Scientific journal impact factor, June 2021). In the article it is mentioned that the rich colors of our national spirit and antiquity live on Novruz holiday: “The uniqueness of Azerbaijani Novruz is obvious. Novruz, which is an all-Eastern, all-Turkic quality, is as much ours as our uniqueness in mugham. From ancient times, the Turks looked at the main elements of existence (fire, water, air, earth) with their own spirit and did not need the imagination of other peoples when interpreting the rebirth of nature.
Novruz, which has been going on for thousands of years and has undergone many resistances and changes, has lived the originality of the people’s spirit as long as it can.
In the article it is said about the connection of Azerbaijani Novruz with national values, the role of the holiday in strengthening the foundations of historical statehood.

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