Employees of the Institute of Folklore participated at the event “Ashug Alasgar 200 - Poetry and Music”

On the 8th of June in the House-Museum of Abdulla Shaig, the online event entitled “Ashug Alasgar 200- Poetry and Music” dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the outstanding representative of Azerbaijani folklore master Ashug Alasgar was held. Famous intellectual persons and scientists of Azerbaijan, directors and employees of a number of museums, as well as university students and many well-known figures of Azerbaijani music art took part in the event held on the Zoom platform.

PhD, associate professor Atif Islam oglu Islamzade, the employee of the Institute of Folklore made the report on the theme “The artistic reflection of the Only Allah belief in Ashug Alasgar’s poetry”. In the article the artistic reflection of the Only Allah belief in Ashug Alasgar’s poetry is delivered to the scientific community. Thus, the ashug poetry was established on the same column until Ashug Alasgar. It means the first pillar that forms the foundation of the people’s masters is belief in Allah. Like all masters Ashug Alasgar’s poetry is also based on the belief of the Only Allah. As investigating Ashug Alasgar’s activity, one can meet in classical literature the poetic examples known as the “Munajat” genre or literary form that draw attention to the same essence as the examples describing the High Allah love. The artistic reflection in Ashug Alasgar’s activity appears with high craftsmanship. Thus, in Alesker’s poetry, we observe the artistic manifestation of the belief of the Only Allah as content and genre. Unfortunately, for years Alasgar’s poems have been published in retail form, but in recent years these shortcomings have been eliminated. It is more appropriate to study Alasgar’s activity on the basis of the source of its use. Because in Alasgar’s poetry, the belief in the Only Allah is the basis, the artistic glorification of all the creations of the Creator is unity. This is due to the fact that belief in Allah is important for Ashug Alasgar. At the same time this belief forms the morality in society. The propaganda of belief and morality in society is very necessary from this point of view. It is necessary to study and present the artistic reflection of the belief in the Only Allah to society from a scientific and social point of view in Ashug Alasgar’s poetry.

Senior researcher of the Department of Mythology of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS, PhD Elchin Galiboglu made a speech on the theme “The image “mountain” in Ashug Alasgar’s activity”. He mentioned that the image of nature, as well as mountain, was remarkable in the master ashug’s activity. The mountain is a symbol of invincibility, power in the thought of folklore. Director of the Department of “History and theory of Azerbaijan folk music” of the Institute of Architecture and Art of ANAS, Doctor of Science in Art studies, professor Irada Kocharli, Fund director of the House-Museum of Uzeyir Hajibeyli Aytan Heydarova, employee of the House-Museum of Abdulla Shaig Farida Mammadova made interesting reports at the event.
People’s Artist of the Azerbaijan Republic Gulyanag Mammadova, as well as young and talented ashug Ramin Garayev with their beautiful performances contributed artistry and color to the event.

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