Women’s Organization of the Institute of Folklore held an event on the occasion of the 15th of May - International Family Day

On the 7th of May Women’s Organization of the Institute of Folklore held an event on the occasion of the 15th of May - International Family Day. Opening the event, which was held online on the Zoom platform, the chairman of the Women’s Organization of the Institute of Folklore, PhD., associate professor Malayka Mammadova made a speech on the theme “The 15th of May - International Family Day”. She stressed that, in accordance with the resolution of the UN General Assembly on September 20, 1993, on the 15th of May is celebrated as “International Family Day” all over the world and mentioned that family, which is an important tool for the formation and development of the healthy society and the strong state, is the highest value that people need at all ages.
Then the speech was given to the coordinator, trainer and psychologist of MEM Psychology Center Gulnara Mammadova who was invited as a guest to the event. Speaking on the theme “Regulation of domestic affairs”, she said that regulation of domestic affairs should be a duty of everyone and each individual should regulate it own self. G.Mammadova drew special attention to two important factors: value and love. Member of the Bureau of the Women’s Organization, PhD Sevinj Gasimova made a speech on the theme “Our traditions and family”. She mentioned that mutual understanding, determination of the way out of the existing problems, etc. the virtues formalize both the place of the family in society and the role of society in the family. S.Gasimova noted that in order to focus the attention of the public of different countries on the numerous problems of families was one of the main institutions of society, as well as the family, which was the first step in the process of human socialization, had changed and developed.
PhD, associate professor Nigar Hasanova spoke on the theme “Ethno-linguistic analysis of relative words” and said that the language was the mirror of the people and that mirror reflected the history, worldview, customs and traditions of the people. As she investigated the family-marriage relations, she considered it important to examine the terms of cohabitation both by linguists and ethnologists as part of the lexical layer.

PhD Gulnar Osmanova made a speech on the theme “Glorification of family values in our folklore”. She stressed that our traditions, which have passed through the centuries of our people’s thinking filter and have come to our time, respect for parents, elders and children, boundless love for women’s personality have found its basis in the family. G.Osmanova noted that in this regard, the family and school played an indispensable role in the preservation, promotion and presentation of traditions reflected in the Azerbaijani people, family stereotypes strengthened over the years, national and moral values in general, ideas of education and upbringing reflected there.
Nigar Imamaliyeva, who spoke on the theme “Family relations in the Great Patriotic War”, noted that great leader Heydar Aliyev created every opportunity and conditions for the continuation of family traditions in Azerbaijan with dignity and did not spare the people’s support in this matter. N.Imamaliyeva noted that the health of family members, especially the protection of mother and children’s health was one of the most important issues.
Sevinj Huseynova, one of the members of the organization’s bureau, shared her thoughts on the theme “Family in our society” and noted that the foundation of a healthy family is a well-educated, healthy marriage of two young people with common faith and healthy children born from this marriage. She mentioned that the name of an individual means the development of society. Thus, a good family and good children are a good society and a good state.
Vusala Karimova also said that the cooperation in the family was to demonstrate exemplary family to the society. She highly appreciated the dedication and mutual respect of men and women in the Azerbaijani family and expressed confidence that a healthy child will grow up for society in the families where that balance was maintained.

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